We maintain a permanent office in Stockholm (the Capital of Sweden in northern Europe) co-located with our mother company.

We also establish temporary local offices anywhere we think a local presence is essential for research. Local offices can be physical or virtual.

We have recently had temporal physical offices in Nice, France and in Gothenburg, Sweden and a virtual offices in Libya, in Syria and one in Brooklyn, New York City


We have a semi permanent research staff at SLAAK. We have a core team of experienced researchers who are also full-time professionals in other fields. We belive its important that all researchers are living the reality they study. The team is usually, but not always, headed by one or both of our owners Rasmus or Erika.


We do not only answer the question What is happening? but also finds answers to questions as Why is it happening?, How will it affect the world?, When does it become important? , Is there a business opportunity/threat in this and who can exploit it?

Most importantly we look for answers to the question What is NOT happening that should be happening? and Why don’t it happen? and Is there something else happening instead that nobody notices?

We work with industry best practices and have our own proprietary methods.

Name and Logo

The name and the logo was designed to be an onomato-graffito equivalent of slapping your hands together, in front of your eyes, hard.

Instant satori, just by looking at it, very Zen.

Article written by Rasmus