issue sep 04·pattern recognition

End of a long night

Welcome to SLAAK September 2004

After a long time it finally seems that Stockholm is restarting. We had that feeling in the spring of 2003 but it completely died during that summer. August and early September where awful. Companies died like flies all around us that autumn. Now it felt like things maybe where on the right track again this spring and we have been on the edge the whole summer hoping that we won't have a repeat event of last summer. And we don't. Stockholm seems more alive this August and early September than it has since 1998.

And its not only Stockholm, its the world. International media is suddenly filled with an enormous amount of noise. Although not so much interesting things can be found in this noise, except the noise itself. Its very clear that most of the noise is a result of some serious investments in public relations. There are two types of pr-strategies clearly present at the moment. First, the massive positioning aimed at establishing presence either in the mind of potential customers or in the minds of potential investors. Second, the very aggresive pr-battles going on between two or more competitors who are trying to displace each other from any position where they can be regarded as a leader in the new upturn. We have some interesting examples of both further down in this issue.

To catch the wave you have to live in the vertigo. Our first item will take you there. So dive into some hard slaaking now, while we prepare the next issue.

--- enormously important ---

Pattern Recognition by William Gibson - read excerpt

importance: enormous impact on society: exactly at this very moment take action: read now, you are already lagging behind

It has come to our attention that several of our readers hasn't read this book. We intentionally omitted it in the first issue, because we thought it was such an obvious one. It turned out not to be.

For those who don't know, William Gibson is the creator of Cyberpunk and his SF-novels set in a dark technology rich future had a tremendous influence on the second half of the nineties. This his latest novel is not a Science Fiction novel, instead its set exactly now. And its done in a way that only a SF-writer could have done. He must have extrapolated the world as he saw it and written about the near future in 2 years time. The result is a Zen-like perception of the world as it is at the time of reading. When we read the book the media/news-noise around us just dropped to a slight murmur and a strong sense of direction emerged. Other readers have reported similar experiences.

We can't possibly guarantee that you will experience the same but its a good starting point for the basic question "What is the world like right now, and where can it go from here?"

The first two chapters are here, so read them now, then buy the book. You better hurry to read it, it might be outdated soon. Come to think of it, it does almost feel like a historic novel...

AB Stokab

importance: enormous in Stockholm impact on Stockholm: now - 30 years take action: start developing really cool stuff

This text is written in Swedish and the only text on the site not available in English so we translate the most important stuff: "In our new phase of development, the households needs for broadband connections becomes central." "Most households don't have access to the kind of broadband capacity that will be demanded in the future."

The site is the official site of Stokab, the city owned network company with fibre cables all over Stockholm. And the document is their official strategic development plan. It has also been stated from the Mayors office that to develop broadband connections to small business and households all over town is of central interest for the municipality and the future of Stockholm.

Since Stokab operates their cables as free for anyone to rent, this will open up an extremely open and dynamic market for different providers of network application services in the coming years.

Its even more interesting that we at SLAAK have been contacted by a project supported by the Mayors office. The project aims to create a centre for helping small and medium sized business to develop broadband application services. The stated goal is to make Stockholm the European centre for development and export of broadband application services. Of course SLAAK will support such a goal.

--- great stuff --- - Bookstore - HOW Back Issues

importance: great inspiration / part of pattern impact on society: now - 3 years or more take action: reflect on it, designers and publishers should act soon

This issue of HOW contains the article "Heralding the web" which describes the redesign of the Miami Heralds printed edition as if printed newspapers was an interactive media. Which of course it is. Even if your not into newspaper design the method is interesting and useful. Its worth buying this issue for this 2 page article if you work with media, otherwise find a free copy.

Global observation: Gloomy Bear in New York

importance: great inspiration impact on society: some take action: buy one for your newborn

an orange gloomy bear with bloody claws

Mori Chack in Osaka creates Gloomy Bear. Gloomy Bear is a very nasty figure indeed, who feeds on humans and prefer baby kids the most.

This particular Gloomy Bear was found in New York and is from a limited edition made with bloody claws.

Wired 12.09: Scientific Method Man

importance: great inspiration/great tool impact on society: now - next 30 years take action: use it right now or book a workshop with us

This Wired article is reminiscent of the era when Wired ruled the world. Its of the mind expanding type.

Citation: "With the verifier approach, Rugg begins by asking experts to draw a mental map of their field. From there, he stitches together many maps to form an atlas of the universe of knowledge on the subject. "You look for an area of overlap that doesn't contain much detail," he says. "If it turns out there's an adjoining area which everyone thinks is someone else's territory, then that's a potential gap."..."

This is an excellent method we have been using for years, long before we knew about this guy and his more theoretical foundation for it. We have constructed several methods for workshops based on this method. They're suitable for different types of problem solving and creative work. Its excellent for finding possible innovation areas, innovation oriented research, design and business development.

The method can be very provocative to experts in different fields, since it exposes their shortcomings and failures. This last feature of the method makes it not only effective, but also really fun. If you can stand the flak from the experts.

WARNING: Do not use the method if you have a boss who regards him/herself as an expert on anything at all. Its highly likely you don't have a job afterwards. Trust us on this one, we learned the hard way!

tip by: robert söderberg

Local Search Critical to SMEs

importance: great opportunities impact on society: now - 30 years take action: create local market internet services before someone else does

The long predicted development that Internet should become important for doing business geographically local, seems to be here. At least in the US. Lots of interesting statistical facts in this article. Check it out, even if its boring.

And remember that the fun part, creating those local internet services are for you to do. But you'll probably need these figures when you sell your ideas.

Welcome to FutureDesignDays

importance: great pattern indicator impact on society: temporary take action: if you like conferences and can afford it, go

A high profile conference on future design i Stockholm. Its just one of the signs that there are several strong forces converging to make Stockholm the centre of innovative design in Europe. It might be overpriced but its a great indicator of this pattern, which had a kind of test start in the late nineties. Some of us has worried that it wouldn't be strong enough to come back again. But it's become very clear the last months that everything and everyone is coming together again. It seems that everyone just been hiding out to treat their post bubble depressions.

We at SLAAK says: Hello Stockholm, Welcome back! You look greater than ever.


importance: great pattern indicator impact on society: now take action: keep an eye open next august

This is the first year a new concept for tourist events is tested in Stockholm. The City-sponsored water festival in august is no more. Instead a new type of more urban and culturally diverse festival has been going on.

It was really hard to track down some accurate information on the program and what events was happening where and when. The main reasons was probably a lack of focus on information issues from the festival management, and a really badly managed website. If for instance we had known beforehand that the animé-business seminars at old konstfack where meant as an opportunity to pitch projects and partnerships. We would have gone there with some serious stuff to show. Instead we only had an intelligence analyst present for the seminar.

Check out the keystone manifesto for the festival concept. In some ways its very innovative. For instance its states: "Tokyo Style In Stockholm is a new idea for using tourism to develop multiple exchange models for culture and business." and "Tokyo Style In Stockholm is a celebration of contemporary life in Japan and Sweden, not as assertions of nationality or historical differences, but as examples of each city's contemporary culture and lifestyle..."

Together with other signs this shows that Stockholm in more than one way is rising again as a creative development centre for mixing culture, business and technology into new innovative forms.

intelligence analyst at seminar: robert söderberg

Arkitekturmuseet Two Urban Models

importance: great inspiration impact on society: 3 years - 100 years (or not at all) take action: talk about it so it becomes obvious there is a strong demand for this

During the Tokyo Style in Stockholm event there has been an exhibition at the architectural museum about the Tokyo city planning model, or rather lack of planning. The main feature was a huge model of Tokyo City and it was inspiring by the cheer size of it.

The other feature was an experimental project where a group of students had explored a Tokyo Inspired solution to the problem all creative professionals are very familiar with: - How do you combine your work and living in a way that doesn't cost you a fortune or makes you lose your professional image?

The solution they provide is to build 4-5 floor houses on very small lots, 8x8 or 8x16 meters. The bottom floor can be used as a public reception area, a store or an exhibition. The first floor can be used as a studio or workshop. The rest of the floors are kitchen, living-room and bedrooms. And every house should have its own architectural identity since the function of the architecture is to be a billboard for its inhabitants.

The exhibition states that this type of houses is alien to Europe. Which is strange since this is the type of houses that created the medieval cities in Europe, like old town in Stockholm.

We wish the exhibition material could be found on the web, but it can't so we photographed the poster.

Source material: 8 x 8

importance: great inspiration impact on society: 3 years - 100 years take action: talk about it so it becomes obvious there is a strong demand for this

a designoffice full of red chineese lamps

Source material: 8 x 8 cont.

importance: great inspiration impact on society: 3 years - 100 years take action: talk about it so it becomes obvious there is a strong demand for this

a designoffice full of red chineese lamps

PhysicsWeb - The future of nanotechnology

importance: great inspiration/noise filter impact on society: 3 years - 100 years take action: be inspired

Everyone talks about nanotechnology nowadays. But few seems to know what it is and the level of confusion is very high today. This is an excellent article that clear up this intellectual mess of science, since fiction and marketing ploys. Perhaps the best are all the practical examples used to show real use and to explain design strategies for nanotechnological products.

Even if your not into nano stuff yourself, there are lots of useful ideas that could be transferred to other areas, like computer games and interactive design in general.

For instance, think about the concept of a website user as moving in a liquid, like a nanomachine, and constantly pushed around by different messages from webpages. How do you design a site that won't stick to the surface of this nanomachine-user until the user has reached its intended goal? Well, maybe that was a bit far out but the article isn't.

Local observation: Autumn leafs

importance: great inspiration impact on society: none take action: be inspired

red and yellow autumn leafs

BMI posts record year, despite music industry doom and gloom

importance: great noise filter impact on society: ongoing take action: defend fair use but not piracy

There is a lot of disinformation about the consequences of music downloading floating around. And it comes from all parts and sides in the ongoing debate, which makes it really hard to sort out the actual facts.

This article is clearly from one of the sides, but its based on some actual facts and a reasoning based on those facts. Its refreshing to read things like: "The groups routinely claim that their business is not just suffering, but even eroding on account of piracy. One result, we're told, is that artists are suffering everywhere, and this could have dire effects on the entire industry. Such claims seem rather silly though when the actual financial results are published. Most recently we have the example of BMI, one of the largest music companies in the world which represents artists directly (songwriters, performers, composers ...), has posted a record-breaking fiscal year. "

A call for new worlds: the future of MMORPG

importance: part of great analysis impact on society: hard to say take action: there is a lot of things to do

Massively multiplayer role-playing games still needs lots of improvement. The basic conclusion in the article is that on-line roleplaying must go beyond just fighting and follow the path of the non-computer roleplaying games. We at SLAAK who haven't been particularly in contact with this world for a couple of years are amazed that the stage of development haven't come further than this.

If your interested in the subject then read this, you probably heard it before though. If not interested, skip it, you need to much background information to understand what they're talking about, and its not worth it. (This recommendation might change when the second part comes.)

A look inside an Al-Qaeda hard drive

importance: great comment impact on society: some take action: never leave your computer behind

Just read this comment, it already says what we would have said here. Then read the real article below.

Inside Al

importance: great story impact on society: profound take action: just think about it

This is the story about the Al-Qaeda hard drive. Just read it, its amazing.

Local observation: Ernesto Guerra

importance: great inspiration impact on society: some take action: find them

a text poster

Ernesto Guerra writes peculiar texts which seams to be part of a novel under production. He prints them on ordinary letter paper and use them as posters all over town. If you se one, stop and read it.

Activists turn to blogging as art | CNET

importance: great inspiration impact on society: now - 3 years (probably much longer) take action: you can do this

The referenced events are interesting mainly for two reasons. First it's a demonstration of how powerful very simple internet technologies can be when used creatively. Second they are great examples of how one can break down the perceived barrier between the "real" world and the internet.

Skype - Download Skype for Mac OS X

importance: great for mac users impact on society: now - 20 years take action: download

At last a real VOIP (voice over internet protocol) application for Mac. Especially great is that Skype has a real connection between their VOIP network and the old fashioned phone system. You have to pay for that, but you would do that anyway if you phoned someone.

According to people we know, SkypeOut (the connection between Skype and old fashioned phones) works very well. And its has a very competitive pricing. Talking to other Skype users are of course free.

In case you didn't get it. The great thing with this is that its a user to user VOIP network and with a connection to the old phone system. Previously there has only been 2 other types of VOIP:

Long distance VOIP-bridge between 2 ordinary phones as a way to cut prices on long distance and international calls.

User to user VOIP-networks between computer users and without bridging to old phone systems.

Skype is the first to combine the two, even if its not complete yet. You still can't call up Skype user from an ordinary phone. And as a consequence you can't call from phone to phone using Skype as a bridge. At SLAAK we think this is just a matter of time (at least in some countries) and we bet it will be called SkypeIn.

AppleInsider | Mac OS X Tiger to support resolution independent UI, larger icons

importance: great for mac users impact on society: beyond Tiger - next 10 years take action: wait

At last we will get away from the concept that the computer screen has a standard resolution ratio for system features like the menubar and windowframes. Of course windows powerusers will say they've had it for years but from a usability perspective this could be the "real" innovative step. And to be true its not here yet for users, instead it seems like its a pre-deployment for developers benefit so Apple can state in some future release that all applications are expected to support this. In the meantime we just have to imagine the control panel or the menybar dropdown level controller where we can adjust the screen scaling factor.

Wired News: Mac Keeps Lead on Linux

importance: great waves of interesting noise impact on society: now - 10 years take action: prepare for a different future

Now despite the headline, the really interesting in this article is that HP sells so many desktop machines (not servers) with Linux pre-installed. It seems that unix based desktop systems (apple mac os x, linux) has begun eating away market share for windows. Slowly, but significant in volume.

Local observation: Inspiring lamps

importance: great inspiration impact on society: some take action: become inspired

a designoffice full of red chineese lamps

Local observation: S:t Paulsgatan

importance: great inspiration impact on society: some take action: go here and be inspired

a shopwindow full of pucca, hello kitty, power puff pingles and stuff

Friendster fires developer for blog | CNET

importance: so stupid impact on society: none take action: never hire management who don't understand brand values

What should we say? Brand identity is built mostly by behaviour and being true to core values. This is a clear case of incompetence in management that destroys brand value by violating core values in the brand. And this is regardless of whether they had god reasons or not to fire the developer.

Local observation: Neo Futurism

importance: great pattern impact on society: now - 10 years take action: believe in the future

an interior view from the mall

At the Hamngatan shopping mall in Stockholm a total makeover is almost finished. Its done in a style we must call Neo Futurism. The most striking feature is an expression of belief in the future, much like it was during the fifties and sixties era, before the oil-crisis in the seventies.

A not so striking feature of great importance is that there are technology present everywhere, but its hidden. Things are designed so that they perform functions almost like magic. This feeling of magic is enhanced by all the constructions made of glass.

Local observation: Urban Nature

importance: great inspiration impact on society: some take action: feel welcome

a concrete wall with a graffito tag

The text says "Welcome to Fruängen, upperlower"

We don't know if its ironic or meant as a real welcome. But do we really care? Concrete, a subway station, some tiny vegetation and proof of human life, this is the Stockholm Suburbia Soul. Its created by a very urban architecture and a much to low density of people.

Local observation: Street art

importance: great inspiration impact on society: some take action: always look up

some street art on the back of a traffic sign

--- interesting things ---

High-tech Hijinks in Sin City | WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

importance: interesting sport impact on society: could have take action: not necessary

A supernerd sport. Probably very fun if your into wireless Lan technology. Could become a great TV-sport like Robowars with a slight change of the dramatic setting.

Modern life stretching family law |

importance: interesting pattern impact on society: ongoing - next 100 years take action: Does it change the rules for your profession to?

Where can you find a better understanding of how the concept of family is changing than in The Christian Science Monitor? You realise when you read this article that family patterns one would expect to be used in SF-novels (like Neuromancer by W. Gibson) are a reality right here and right now. And its way more complicated than any credible SF-writer would ever have imagined. Its like the evolution of society and the development of new technologies is racing with a speed much faster than the cultural sound barrier.

Contrary to our principles we won't cite anything from the article, just read it, the whole article.

FTC settles with pop-up ad 'spammers'

importance: interesting pattern impact on society: now - 10 years take action: try to understand and follow the flow

A great example that old fashioned law is an underestimated tool to stop spam. Technology isn't everything.

DEPLOY: Debian project unable to deploy Sender ID

importance: interesting pattern impact on society: could have take action: be cautious

Sender ID is Microsofts proposed solution to stop spam. This statement clearly shows that a large part of the open source community has good reasons to accuse Microsoft Sender ID to be part of a Microsoft strategy to gain ownership of core internet technologies. For the really solid arguments follow the Apache Statement link at the bottom.

Wired News: Making Free IPods Pay Off

importance: interesting strategy impact on society: now - 10 years take action: buy yourself some customers

We have seen this kind of strategy before, some thought it ended with the dotcom era. But this clearly shows that those who have said that it is an underlying change created by the transition from industrial production to service production was right. Paying customers to try service products, based on monthly fees, by giving away attractive manufactured products makes sense. If you buy 2000 iPods at a wholesale price and then give them away as payment at a perceived retail price that is twice what you paid for them. You are using the economic structure around distribution of manufactured gods to raise the value of your new customer offerings.

Entertainment world still wary of Microsoft :: AO

importance: noise filter impact on society: could have take action: promote diversity

An update on how big Hollywood studios regard Microsoft and their attempt to make Microsoft Media Player the gateway to film and TV content. Its interesting to read something about Microsoft that doesn't have the perspective of investors or technology debates. It certainly is a perspective with some merits for creative media people.

Eye robot: Start-up offers vision to machines | CNET

importance: new pattern impact on society: now - 30 years take action: soon

Its really here, cheap seeing for machines. One of the products are: "The virtual keyboard--which is a laser light image of a standard keyboard, the imager relays data about the location of each finger on the keyboard layout."

This is very cool and could make mobile phones and pda with full keyboards obsolete. It will reduce weight and size of such devices. And what about an iMac G5 with only a projected keyboard? That is far cooler than a bluetooth keyboard.

Now we only wonder when the input board with two hand-images from Asimovs Foundation-trilogy will come?

SBC gets up to speed | CNET

importance: new pattern impact on society: ongoing - 10 years take action: wait and see, it will be interesting

At last a broadband operator who really understands consumer behaviour. Citation: "SBC hopes that raising upload speeds will attract customers who want better performance when sharing photos or playing online games." The web became such a fast growing phenomenon because people realised it was simple and cheap to express yourself and finding an audience using the web. But this fact doesn't seem to have been comprehensible for telecom and broadband operators who tend to think Internet is just a means to provide more TV-channels. This event probably marks the turning point.

E-Mail Providers Praise Progress at Sender ID Summit

importance: change of pattern? impact on society: could have take action: be cautious

There are a lot of positive comments here about Microsofts change of attitude. Beware though that the positive impression comes from companies that are large and some of them are pursuing monopoly strategies of their own.

At SLAAK we are not ready to say Sender ID is a safe thing for consumers, small business and the free for all internet. Still the matter of ownership of a basic technology is unresolved.

Selective shutdown protects nets TRN 082504

importance: part of tool impact on society: ongoing take action: find a way to use it

In a networked world its important to understand the behaviour of networks in extreme situations. What happens if terrorists attack an important node in the internet infrastructure, important power stations breaks down or dangerous viruses are spreading fast over the internet or in the real world? How do you control the damage? A piece of the puzzle is here. A citation: " Key to the method is identifying the right nodes to shut down. ... The main challenge was to find the correct nodes and/or lines to be removed in the control of the cascade. ... The wrong choices can enhance the size of the cascade rather than reducing it."

We think that maybe there is in this article something that could be a modelling tool for pr and marketing strategies based on rumours.

Anti-Spam Firms Tie Sender ID to Reputation

importance: new pattern impact on society: now take action: be cautious

This is something that would be expected to happen as part of a launch strategy for Sender ID. So of course it did. Despite this the article contains some interesting stuff around the topic of making sure that e-mails come from the source it claims to.

Mac Rumors: Apple Tablet Computer?

importance: new pattern impact on society: now - next 15 years take action: clear your desk

This rumour is interesting in several ways. First its based on the interpretation of a public patent filing. Second we know now that its about the new iMac G5 and not about a tablet Mac. Third there is a lot to learn about intelligence analysis and its pitfalls from the attached discussion. Posts number 6,16,26,35,218,233 are worth reading. Compare these with some other posts and think a while about the reason why these posts have so few posts commenting on them.

Apple - iMac G5

importance: new pattern impact on society: now - next 15 years take action: clear your desk

At last a Mac that is an exact match to our list of requirements.

1. Silent.

2. Desktop Production machine.

3. Less than 5 minutes downtime if you move it to another room.

4. Just one cord.

5. Fast G5 processor.

6. Big screen.

7. Don't take up deskspace/floorspace.

8. Great design.

9. Affordable if you need to upgrade the whole workgroup at the same time.

10. Easy to dust and clean.

This machine will set the standard for desktop computers the next 15 years, and it marks the point in time where desktop pc's split into 2 categories, namely desktop and floortop. Most non-portable pc's and the PowerMac G5 are in the floortop category.

Now we wonder why apple didn't put a small battery in it so we could disconnect the powercord for 15 minutes when we move it to another room without having to shut down iTunes, and all other important home-server-applications?

Joswiak: 'True to What an iMac Has Always Been About'

importance: part of tool impact on society: ongoing take action: learn

A lot of information on the design philosophy behind the new iMac. Read and learn, its useful as a design approach for much more than iMacs.

A citation: "One of the things that we wanted to achieve here is true all-in-oneness. That was one of the places we had to break the all-in-one model with previous flat-panel iMac, because you needed external speakers to play stereo sound. And we knew that this one had to be the ultimate when it came to designing an iMac, and the ultimate when it came to designing an all-in-one, so we needed to incorporate speakers. And again, we wanted to do that in a way that didn't compromise the simplicity of the look and the cleanness of the look, but it still allows you to have nice stereo sound with separation and good range."

Vårdens journalsystem får svidande kritik -

importance: interesting pattern impact on society: now take action: reflect on the importance of true usability

This article is in Swedish so we give a short summary. The article discuss an investigation into the usefulness and productivity performance of IT-systems in health care. Especially systems for keeping medical records. The result is that most systems are so poorly designed from the users perspective that they create more work and are a menace to productivity. The discussed report also comes to the conclusion that with much better design and a focus on usability the productivity would increase.

If you read Swedish, check out the article since there are interesting things about design problems described.

--- just patterns ---

LCD chip market to double in 2008, IDC says | CNET

importance: part of pattern impact on society: increasing the next 20 years take action: expect lower prices, no demand lower prices and bigger screens

In case someone missed it. Flat screens are taking over the market completely. And they will fast get much bigger and much cheaper. And its all in production and transportation economics. Expect Moores law, that computer chips get twice as fast every eighteenth month at the same price, to apply to flat screens, they are just computer chips anyway. This means that either you can buy a 20-inch screen for half the price or you can buy a screen with 200% more pixels in eighteen months time. Since 200% more pixels would mean 41% bigger measurements on a square screen that would be a 28-inch screen for the same price.

As an example we could go for Apples 30-inch screen at a price of 3.300$ today. Or we could wait 18 months and buy a 42-inch screen for that price. Or wait 36 months and buy a 59-inch screen. Or wait 54 months (4,5 years) and buy a 82-inch screen for 3.300$. That is as big as an ordinary work desk.

Ok, that wasn't the article but its worth mentioning anyway.

Carrier turns cell phones into wallets | CNET

importance: part of pattern impact on society: now - 20 years take action: wait

This is just part of an expected development. But its interesting that its happening in Japan, though natural, because Internet is very much a mobile phone issue in Japan. It could have happened in Sweden years ago if Swedish banks hadn't completely misunderstood the most basic user behaviour with regard to their product Cash Card.

Mozilla offers US$500 bounty reward for security flaws

importance: part of pattern impact on society: now take action: don't use Microsoft internet explorer

This is the responsible way to handle security in web browsers and mail clients.

Sprint touts business customer guarantee | CNET

importance: part of pattern impact on society: maybe take action: demand better performance on mobile phone networks

At last a telecom operator who understands that customers want guaranteed service.

Linux audit turns up 283 potential patent infringements

importance: part of pattern impact on society: now take action: don't hesitate to use linux if you need to

Linux has been under a constant attack from different directions the last couple of years. Most attacks have come from Microsoft and organisations more or less controlled by heavy Microsoft investors. Thanks to a great support from some really heavy companies like IBM, Novell and Oracle the Linux community has been able to withstand this and devise strategies that will eliminate everything that could make Linux vulnerable to such attacks.

This article describes one of those very effective strategies.

Getting into the IM Business :: AO

importance: part of pattern impact on society: ongoing - next 10 years take action: use iChat and Skype

If you work with IT or internet strategies for large corporation this article is important. Its clear from this article that even larger corporations will begin using instant messaging for business communication soon.

This prediction of the future is probably also true: "Akonix CEO Peter Shaw is convinced that the future of written messaging in the corporation is in instant messaging, not e-mail. He believes that e-mail will become the "voicemail of IM"the default communication method in business will be IM. You'll use e-mail only when the person you're trying to reach isn't there, or for the small number of messages you send that require more words than make sense in an instant message."

Boom in paid search dollars to slow :: AO

importance: part of patterns impact on society: ongoing take action: find a way to use it

A quick summary of some recent trends in search advertising and also some interesting stuff about ongoing transformations in the newspaper industry.

IBM turns database software over to Apache Foundation

importance: part of pattern impact on society: ongoing take action: wait and see

Citation: "In a move to bolster the Java programming language against the increasing popularity of .Net (and open-source Mono), IBM has decided to open source Cloudscape. ..."

This is interesting mostly because its an example of the anti-Microsoft strategies that several large companies are currently deploying. These strategies seems to be well coordinated and built on three pillars: Unix, Open Source and Java. IBM is the king of this strategy, they have a tremendous amount of really god software available and its seems like every piece of software they can find that directly competes with a Microsoft technology is given away for free to the open source community. And this is rapidly becoming a problem for Microsoft. How do you compete with free? Especially when the free stuff is of higher quality than your own and supported by resourceful organisations like IBM

note: IBM is the worlds biggest software company. They sell software for a lot more money each year than Microsoft does.

PDA OS market shares :: AO

importance: part of pattern impact on society: ongoing - 10 years take action: buy a phone/pda instead

Just some statistics from a market that won't stay a market since its merging with the mobile phone market and the handheld game console market.

Local observation: Power Puff Pingle

importance: just a pattern impact on society: some take action: power puff (if you're a girl)

a power puff pingle on a window

Local observation: PUCCA

importance: just a pattern impact on society: some take action: go for pucca

pucca bags and stuff

Pucca from Korea is more and more often seen in Stockholm

Hello Kitty is seen less and less often : Your Phone Is Becoming a Swiss Army Knife

importance: part of pattern impact on society: ongoing - 10 years take action: go with the flow

Just another view on the ongoing merge of mobile phones, pdas and handheld gaming consoles.

Citation: "Companies around the world are racing to turn your cell phone into an electronic version of the Swiss Army knife. They hope to sell you a device that does everything, from e-mailing your pictures to paying your bills to keeping your schedule to  oh, by the way  making calls."

IBM tells users not to install Windows XP update

importance: part of pattern impact on society: ongoing take action: whatever

Citation: "In a note headlined "To patch - or not to patch" posted Friday on its corporate intranet, IBM tells its employees not to download SP2 when it becomes available because of compatibility issues."

This shows the problem when you don't do things right from the start. Fixing it becomes a problem because it creates new problems. Its these "small" issues that makes empires fall.

Apple: fair play or failure to play fair?

importance: part of pattern impact on society: maybe take action: wait and see

The ongoing war over market share in online music sales is entering a new era. Apple is accused of using business methods reminiscent of the M-company, but on the other hand everyone seems to do that in this war. Citation: "Does a market share of 50% in the player range ethically require Apple to open up or at least license FairPlay, or should the company be free to develop its own tech and own offerings regardless? Are Real's action fair or appropriate?"

Makes you wonder if there is a fundamental flaw in the system of intellectual property rights. Maybe licensing at a fair price should be mandatory under certain circumstances, not just an option for the property owner.

Liquid crystal IDs pathogens TRN 082504

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Another one of those very smart, very cheap, very cool biotech things that will change the production structure of health care completely in the next 50 years.

At SLAAK we really believe that in 50 years time health care will be cheap, of high quality and available to everyone in the the world. We also believe that the health care sector will, in 50 years time, employ less than 10% of the amount of people it does today, at least in the OECD countries.

Dell, prisoner of the Beast of Redmond | The Register

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Despite the headline its a solid analysis of the relationship between Microsoft and Dell. The business practice described is sound business and ethically and legally rather straight. As an example on how to construct a partnership between two companies dependent on each other its quite good. Read and learn.

It also shows why Dell won't lead a linux revolution.

SCO Group CEO Darl McBride: "no more lawsuits"

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The attempt by SCO to claim they own Unix and should have licenses from Linux-users seems to be over.

Citation: "SCO Group CEO Darl McBride shares his vision for the future of SCO. Most notably, he declares that SCO is going to be shifting its focus away from litigation towards its ostensible core business, Unix."

Local observation: SOFO

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a small sign that says no computers are stored here after workhours

Local observation: Chaos and order

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some sorted construction scrap

As a symbol of relationships between chaos and order it's great. Chaos contained in order. Sometimes its the other way around. Never forget that its at the vertigo of transformation between chaos and order creativity resides. Live there.

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