SLAAK was founded by Rasmus Larsson and Erika Lockne in Stockholm, Sweden in 2004. We created SLAAK as a research laboratory based around internet enabled methods for futures research and futures strategy. Methods Rasmus had started developing in 1996 as a management team member at Wognum Art, and internet strategy and design agency, and was still developing. The methods development is still ongoing, in the year 2018, and is continuously creating better and more useful tools.
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Deception of exponential growth. Linear curve, how you think change behave. Exponential curve, how actual change behave. The difference causes early phase disappointment, and late phasechaos, disruption, amazement.

Deception of exponential growth – infographic

Deception of exponential growth. Linear curve, how you think change behave. Exponential curve, how actual change behave. The difference causes early phase disappointment, and late phase chaos, disruption, amazement.

Location, Geographic area of influence

Small Location Based Futures Study

A small location-based futures study investigates the current state of a location from an overall perspective and relates its current state to a global business intelligence and futures analysis. It’s the foundation for any resilient location-based strategy.


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Zen Workshop

Depending on purpose we create a participatory artwork that can be a mix of performance art, workshop, live action roleplaying or just about anything. The goal is to give the participants a transformative insight into the results of research. Even if it might seem weird this is often the best way to present the results […]

Awake – Early Warning

Do you just hate being surprised with bad news when its to late to do something about it? We know the feeling. What Awake is our early warning service. It’s an ongoing service where we at regular intervals take a look at your business environment, specific areas of interest to you, general trends and watch […]

Business Wargaming

Ever wanted to make important business decisions and be able to have an undo button if they turn out wrong? That is what Business Wargaming is for, to provide you with an undo button until you know what the right decision is. How We model your business environment and create one or more game scenarios […]

Panic Relief

Panic Relief

Did the world just change into something completely incomprehensible? Panic… and apply to get in on our guest list for Panic Relief. What is Panic Relief? Panic Relief is a flash, pop-up, ad hoc, very informal, possibly secret, social mingle, talk, club thingy where we discuss the future. It’s so informal we don’t even book […]

Black Hole Investigation

Black Hole Investigation

The things that will have the biggest impact on the future is almost always undetected because they tend to happen inside Informational Black Holes. An Informational Black Hole is a phenomenon that don’t send out information or do send out information that doesn’t make sense.

Clearing Fog Research

Clearing Fog Research

Did you just stumble upon something that might be a threat or an opportunity… but don’t know? We check it for you, and clear the fog. What is Clearing Fog Research? Clearing Fog Research is investigative research, very similar to business intelligence, but with a more futurological and entrepreneurial way of analyzing. It’s the fundamental […]

Chaos Modeling

Chaos Modeling

How do you deal with a multitude of longterm mega trends, short-term trends, sustainable innovations, disruptive innovations, political decisions, competitors, new markets, the overall economy and your own business in the middle of it all? You do Chaos Modeling. What is Chaos Modeling? Chaos Modeling is an advanced analysis and modeling technique created by SLAAK. […]

Street Research

Street Research

Street Research is a service aimed at detecting ongoing new trends, finding new products or to establish whats actually going on in a specific place that seems to be a creative or innovative hotspot. What is Street Research? Street Research is either cool hunting, trend spotting, space syntax analysis, a deep anthropological study, competitive intelligence […]

Big Future Study

Big Futures Study

Sometimes you just need to have a solid understanding of where the future is heading. Big Futures Study – What & How A study like this is a major undertaking and means we have to do a lot of Street Research, Clearing Fog Research, Black Hole Investigations and Chaos Modeling. Explorative Business Wargaming and other […]

Global Megatrends

SLAAK on global mega trends

We wrote a feature article in the local web magazine älvsjö.biz on the subject of global mega trends and their potential for creating economic growth. It’s in Swedish but google translate does a fairly good job with it in english. Link www.älvsjö.biz